5 Inspirational Podcasts and my Sources of Motivation

I listen to podcasts nearly everyday. Whether it’s during the work commute or even during a run, podcasts have become a key source of daily inspiration and motivation. I have pulled together my top 5 inspirational podcasts as well as some extra links to keep you motivated and inspired.

I like to listen to design/business/marketing/entrepreneurial podcasts, but there are thousands of inspirational podcasts available. I use the iPhone ‘Podcasts’ app to manage my subscriptions and to discover new podcasts, but you can also find them online. A quick search for ‘inspirational podcasts’ delivers over 1 million results on Google.

Foundr podcastFoundr

The Foundr podcast is run by Nathan Chan from Australia. His podcast has come off the back of a very successful digital magazine, targeted towards young entrepreneurial types. Each episode includes an interesting interview with a successful business men/women. Foundr was actually one of the first inspirational podcasts that really got me hooked. Tune in, you wont regret it.

Foundr Podcast

Inspirational podcasts - Planted With LightPlanted with light

I have only very recently discovered the Planted with Light podcast, after it featured the creator of a blog that I love (Studio Home). Planted with Light makes my list of inspirational podcasts because it features people who are dominating the creative industry. Kate Robinson interviews designers, photographers, bloggers and more.

Planted with Light

seanwes podcastseanwes

Sean Wes is a very busy man. He is a genius hand lettering artist and has a number of other side projects, including a podcast. I discovered this inspirational podcast thanks to a blog article by Charli Marie midway through last year.

The seanwes podcast mainly covers topics like design, business, side projects and productivity. If you are in need of some inspiration, have a listen to Sean. The first episode that I listened to was all about setting big goals and working towards achieving them. You can listen to that episode here.

seanwes podcast

Tim Ferriss showThe Tim Ferris Show

If you’re into podcasts already you’ve probably heard of Tim Ferris. He’s absolutely crazy and has been involved in an endless number of projects, tv shows, businesses and books (most well known for The 4 Hour Work Week).

Tim’s podcast is a bag of all-sorts in terms of topics. Some previous guests include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ed Catmull (President of Pixar), Peter Thiel and Casey Neistat. With Tim’s energy and the guests that he attracts, The Tim Ferris Show certainly makes the cut for my top 5 inspirational podcasts.

The Tim Ferris Show

The Productivity ShowThe Productivity Podcast

When I first started listening to podcasts I also started reading blogs about productivity and self-improvement. I quickly became obsessed with peoples morning routines and ‘life hacks’.

Paul Minors’ productivity blog was one that I stumbled across and he now also runs a great podcast.

A huge part of inspiration and motivation is productivity. When you’re feeling productive, you’re usually in a good space and therefore motivated and inspired.

The Productivity Podcast includes interviews with successful people and covers self-improvement, goal-setting, time management advice and motivational tips.

The Productivity Podcast


Aside from inspirational podcasts, I have a number of other sources of motivation for work, side projects, photography and life in general. Below is a selection of my motivational sources, enjoy!

Buffer’s blog – All things business/marketing/life from the amazing remote team at Buffer.
Casey Neistat on YouTube – A very successful videographer, turned daily ‘YouTuber’, running a tech startup.
Ben Brown on YouTube – British-based photographer/videographer/creative documenting his daily adventures and travels.
Studio Home blog – New Zealand based home/lifestyle blog, focussed on clever creatives/brands in the APAC region.
Steve Booker’s blog – Mens lifestyle blogger/photographer/traveler, based in the UK.
Crew’s blog – A brilliant company blog, giving an insight into behind the scenes of Unsplash and all things marketing/business/self-improvement.
The Remote Nomad – Follow the interesting life of Katelyn, traveling the world whilst working as a digital marketer.
Remotive blog – The ups and downs, tips and tricks of remote working. Also, join their newsletter for weekly tips, tools and jobs.

If you have any other suggestions for inspirational podcasts and great motivational sources, please share them in the comments below. I’m always looking for more!

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