A Wet Weekend in Cardiff

We were at Paddington Station, in London on Friday night anxiously pushing our way through the crowds to board our train to Cardiff, Wales. As it turned out, everyone else also wanted a weekend in Cardiff, so we crammed ourselves into the aisle and had to stand up for most of the journey.

Thankfully we aren’t too high maintenance so brushed it off, however there were a few disgruntled commuters who took to Twitter to complain while chugging wine straight from the bottle which they just happened to have with them. But we got to Cardiff on time, with minimal harassment from the drunks, and managed to find our Airbnb (which was a 5 minute walk from the station).

Our Airbnb was right above the main street which made dropping by the local bars pretty easy. After a few 90’s sing a longs and discovering a Kiwi bar, we bypassed maccas and headed to bed.

We woke up to a windy and wet Saturday, but apart from a few dead umbrellas we had an awesome day exploring Cardiff. The town center is full of incredible old arcades, vintage shops and an indoor market, so it was easy enough to dodge the rain. We ate some amazing food at a popular local cafe, Madame Fromage and managed to buy a few vintage records for flat decorations before heading back to London.

Weekend in Cardiff

We were literally in Wales for less than 24 hours but we had such a good weekend in Cardiff. We definitely need to get back in the summer time, to explore Cardiff Castle, Cardiff Bay and to see what the rest of Wales has to offer!

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