The University of Cambridge is an Amazing Place

Cambridge is one of those places which seems surreal. There is just so much history that it can be hard to comprehend. The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 by a group from the University of Oxford after a falling out with the townspeople of Oxford. Over 800 years later, the University of Cambridge is now the second oldest in the English-speaking world and worth over £5 billion!

Punting through the Cambridge colleges is the best way see the university. Plus you also get to hear some of the history and stories surrounding the great institution. If you are ever in Cambridge, you must go punting. It was one of the most interesting things that I’ve ever done. There is 31 colleges in total, all with vastly different beginnings and stories behind them. The history of the University of Cambridge would take me days to write. But some interesting points for me are:

– King’s College was founded by King Henry VI.

– The Cambridge University Library is allowed to claim, free of charge, a copy of any book that is published in the UK and Ireland.

– The first official game of football was played in Cambridge.

– Lord Byron was not allowed to keep a dog in his room, so instead, he kept a bear.

– Trinity College is one of the UK’s biggest land owners. Taking in over £20 million in rent every year. There’s a rumour that you can actually walk from Cambridge to London without leaving land owned by Trinity.

Notable Graduates

Many of the world’s most recognised people attended the University of Cambridge. Here is a tiny selection of notable graduates:

Charles Darwin
Stephen Hawking
Sir Isaac Newton
David Attenborough
Alan Turing
Ernest Rutherford
Sir Ian McKellen
Prince Charles

15 British Prime Ministers

Below is a selection of photos from two separate visits to Cambridge and the university. If you like them you might also want to see my photos from Oxford.

Punting in Cambridge

University of Cambridge


University of Cambridge


University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

Cambridge Punting

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge punting

University of Cambridge bridges

University of Cambridge Library

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge flowers

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