20 Top Travel Apps

I would be lost without my phone (literally), especially while traveling. You can organise nearly every single aspect of travel right from the palm of your hand. There truely is an app for everything.

Over the next few months I will be doing a lot of travel, mostly around the UK and Europe. I have been using a lot of different travel apps to organise everything and get the best deals.

Below is my list of 20 top travel apps, to help you on your next adventure. If I’ve missed any, please add them to the comments.

Skyscanner - Travel apps


Booking flights is obviously a huge part of travel. Finding the best price is difficult if you don’t know where to look. Enter your destination and travel date into Skyscanner and it trawls through every option available and shows you the best deals and the best times to travel. This is one of the first travel apps that I look at if I’m considering a trip.

App Store | Google Play | Windows Store

Klok - Travel apps


The most confusing thing about international travel are the time differences. You can set your phone to automatically update to the local time, but Klok is an easy way to keep track of the time in different places.

Klok is an iPhone widget which allows you to view the time in your chosen locations by just swiping down into your ‘Today’ view.

Compared to going into the iPhone clock or another timezone app, swiping down to check a time is so simple and quick.

I actually use this travel app a lot for work as well, to check the time in another city for a meeting.

App Store

WiFi map - Travel apps

WiFi Map

I work outside of the office quite a lot, so finding good enough wifi can be a struggle. The WiFi Map app saves me so much time.

You can scroll around the map and discover all of the places with wifi and it even gives you the password.

App Store | Google Play

Hooper - Travel AppsHopper

Finding cheap flights is one thing, but you never know if you could get them cheaper in a few months time. Hopper is similar to Skyscanner, but it gives you a lot more detail about the pricing for different times of year.

You can ‘Watch’ a route and Hopper will remind you to book the flights when they are the cheapest.

Before you book flights anywhere, check out what Hopper thinks. You might be able to save some money.

App Store | Google Play

PackPoint - Travel apps


Before you leave on your travels, of course you need to pack. PackPoint shows you what you need to pack for your travel, based on the duration, location, weather, and any planned activities.

Whenever I’m packing for a trip, I always feel like I’m forgetting something. PackPoint is the perfect way to double check that I have everything that I will likely need.

App Store | Google Play 

Uber - Travel apps


I’m sure you’re not surprised that Uber made my list of top travel apps. Getting around a new and unfamiliar city can be very difficult. Uber allows you to quickly order a taxi from your phone and pay via your account, there’s no need to have local currency!

Uber cars are usually around 30% cheaper than a normal taxi.

Use the code henrym376 to get a free first ride.

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Spotify - Travel Apps


I use Spotify every day, at work and at home. Spotify allows you to stream millions of songs, without having to purchase individual tracks or albums.

One of the best Spotify travel features is that you can create playlists and save them for offline use.

My travel playlist.

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Air BnB - Travel apps


Airbnb is the easiest way to find somewhere to stay while traveling. You can book a place for 1 night or even a couple of months.

People from over 30,000 cities have listed their spare room, or spare house on Airbnb. The prices are typically a lot cheaper than a hotel and it’s a great way to get more involved in the local culture.

Use this link to save $40.

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HotelTonight - Travel apps


Keeping with the accommodation theme, HotelTonight is the best place to find last minute hotel deals.

HotelTonight is full of hand-picked hotels all around the world with amazing deals on rooms that are not being used.

Use the code HMCINTOSH4 to save $25.

App Store | Google Play | Windows Store

Gogobot - Travel apps


Gogobot is the app to find a place to stay, somewhere to eat, or an activity to do, based on the feedback from people like you.

If you don’t like having separate apps for hotels, restaurants and activities, try Gogobot.

App Store | Google Play

XE - Travel apps

XE Currency

Understanding the local currency can be a little confusing, especially if you’ve just hopped off a plane. The XE Currency app allows you to quickly convert any currency and access live exchange rates.

App Store | Google Play | Windows Store

maps.me - travel apps


When you’re in a new place, the first thing you usually need is a map. But what happens if you don’t have data on your phone?

The Maps.me app runs completely offline, and covers every country and every city in one map.

App Store | Google Play

Gass buddy - travel apps


Petrol and diesel prices are not the same at every gas station. GasBuddy shows you the cheapest gas stations in your area.

App Store | Google Play | Windows Store

Flighttrack - travel apps


FlightTrack lets you keep an eye on the status of your flight, the arrival time and share it with your friends and family.

You can group all of your flights for easy viewing and if you’re not flying, you can keep an eye on your friends flights.

App Store | Google Play

Tipulator - Travel apps


An easy to use tip calculator app. Tipulator allows you to split the tip between friends and chose the percentage that you’d like to tip.

App Store

Onavo - Travel apps

Onavo Extend

Onavo is a genius little app that helps save your mobile data. Once installed, it runs in the background and has the following key features:

  • Doesn’t load images until you scroll down to them. There’s no point loading them if you don’t look at them.
  • Gives you control to balance image quality and data savings.
  • Automatically turns off when you’re connected to WiFi.

App Store | Google Play

Worldmate - Travel apps


WorldMate is basically your virtual personal assistant when it comes to business travel. All you need to do is forward your airline, hotel, and car rental confirmation emails, and it automatically organises your trip.

WorldMate is the best of the business travel apps. It has a vast array of features, including flight updates, mobile check-in, maps, calendar syntonisation, and currency conversion.

App Store | Google Play | Windows Store

Google translate - Travel apps

Google translate

It can be challenging arriving in a foreign country and not being able to read any street signs, menus or communicate with anyone.

The Google translate app translates anything as you type it, but it can also translate voice and images.

App Store | Google Play

Transferwise - Travel apps


Getting your money into an overseas account can be a costly process if you’re transferring a large sum. This is one of my favourite travel apps because it can save you a lot of money!

Transferwise can be up to 89% cheaper than using a bank to move your money to another country. It’s a peer-to-peer system, so if someone wants to convert their Pounds to Euros, TransferWise’s technology finds someone who wants to transfer money in the opposite direction. Meaning the money never actually moves across borders, avoiding any fees.

Use this link for a free transfer.

App Store | Google Play

Detour - Travel apps


I really enjoy learning about new places when I visit them. But it can be difficult sometimes in foreign countries or without knowing where to look. Detour is your own pocket tour guide, whenever you need.

It’s so easy to visit a new city without actually knowing anything about it. Even if you’re a local, Detour gives you insights to a city that you otherwise wouldn’t know about, using your GPS location for perfect timing.

App Store

I hope that my top 20 travel apps help you out on your own adventures. If you have any other travel apps that you use, please add them to the comments for everyone to see.

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