Moving from New Zealand to London

Today is the day, we’re off to the UK!

It also marks the launch of this website, read more about that here.

Moving from New Zealand to London has been on the cards for about a year now. I’m lucky enough to work for an international company with customers and partners in over 60 countries. So when I joined the team full time in 2013, the opportunity to jump over from New Zealand to London was a big draw card.

New Zealand to London New Zealand to London

Two big parts of my job are working with our partners, and managing the sponsorship of events. Both of which are mostly in Europe, making the move a logical next step.

The British are special. The world knows it. Tony Blair

Moving countries is a daunting process, but now that we’re about to fly it’s really exciting to consider that we will be living on a different continent.

I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into some big personal and work projects in Europe and dragging the camera around at the same time. Sarah and I have amassed an impressive collection of cameras for a couple of amateurs!

New Zealand to London

Next week I’ve got the week off to settle into the new surroundings and organise a few things. The following week we’re heading to Denmark for a conference in Copenhagen with a couple of extra days to look around. Copenhagen looks like a beautiful city, so keep an eye out for another post about that (hopefully including some nice photos).

New Zealand to London New Zealand to London New Zealand to London New Zealand to London

I’ve always had a passion for photography, but it seems to have become one of my favourite hobbies in recent months. My evenings are often filled with editing photos and finding interesting locations to photograph.

During a trip home in the winter this year I took some of my favourite photos ever, three of which are included above.

New Zealand to London Auckland New Zealand to London

This post features a selection of my favourite photos from around New Zealand during 2015. I will definitely miss New Zealand as well as our friends and family here. Keep an I on for more updates on what we’re up to, and sing out if you’re ever in the UK!

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