Lost in London

Most days I make an effort to get lost in London during lunch time. To explore the city, soak in some vitamin D and to take some interesting photos.

During the winter months, it’s quite common for people in London to never see the sun during a work day. Pretty depressing right? A lot of people head to work in the dark and since the sun sets at 4pm, they’re coming home in the dark as well.

Having a job with flexible hours makes this a lot easier. If it’s a nice day I’ll take some time to look around and make up for it later in the day.

Although it doesn’t get you very far, I’ve found that walking is the best way to explore central London. Even in the winter when it’s 5 degrees at lunch time, there is always something interesting to check out. December was a nice time to be in London. Everything is very ‘Christmasy’, business begins to wind down and there are carols being sung around every corner. The Winter Wonderland amusement park in Hyde Park was a highlight of December, I made a short video of it if you’re interested.

One day just before Christmas, I walked around the South Bank/Tower Bridge area and took some photos. You can see them below.

I used get lost quite easily in Auckland, so you can imagine what I’m like in London. But after walking around for 30 minutes all I need to do is find the river Thames and from there I can usually spot the office. Getting lost in London is a lot more fun as well. Often the most interesting places are off the main streets.

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