Harmonicas and Saxophones. Jeremy Loops in London.

I spent Saturday night bobbing to the beats of Jeremy Loops in London, at The Electric Ballroom.

Jeremy Loops is a loop pedal artist from South Africa. As well as being a looping wizard, Jeremy also plays the guitar and harmonica.

Below are some of the photos that I took throughout the night.

If you missed Jeremy Loops in London this time, he’s planning on coming back towards the end of the year. Keep an eye on his website for more details.

Hit play on the audio below to listen to ‘Sinner’ while scrolling through the photos.


I usually don’t like shooting in dark situations, but I’m stoked with how these turned out. Especially since I was using a small Sony RX 100, to avoid the hassle of taking a big camera to a concert. I really enjoy taking photos of people, which is usually a bit awkward when they’re just walking down the street – so this was great.

Cheers to Jeremy Loops for a great night. I’m looking forward to capturing more concerts in the future.

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