60 minutes in Blackpool

The only time that we got caught in the rain throughout this whole road trip was when we popped into Blackpool. Tell anyone in England that you’re visiting Blackpool and the response will usually be “why?” Why did we go there? Well partly because it was on the way up to the Lake District, but also we were curious to see why it is still a popular holiday spot despite most of England looking down their noses at any mention of it.

To be fair, Blackpool would have done extremely well to impress us with the weather that we had. But it was definitely a nice place to stop. We still managed to get down to the beach and snap some photos of the piers. On a nice sunny, summer day I can see Blackpool being full of holiday goers. The arcades and rides along the piers are certainly a popular English pastime. Brighton and Llandudno had a very similar setup, and there’s more to come!

Blackpool Blackpool Blackpool Blackpool Blackpool pier Blackpool pier


Blackpool beach Blackpool pier Blackpool

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